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So I’ve been watching VGA Video Games Awesome from it’s humble beginning. I own the AVG DVD. I was on the old Minecraft server and made it into the early Frasia and Beckini Bottom build challenges. Having resigned myself to the desolate world of youtube comments Due to live shows not getting along with my full time job, I’d started to feel a bit detached from show and chat I’ve watched religiously for so long. Then out of nowhere my Youtube inbox is suddenly filled with messages from MissBlow herself. I found the fact that she was taking the time out to respond to people who couldn’t watch live, on youtube, so amazing I Re-joined the forum, Realized how much i’d missed the VGA community. Now I am massively sleep deprived from live shows. And you know what?…i’ll watch again tonight regardless.

Thank you Beeky for making a huge difference to some of us with such a simple gesture. Thank you Frash Frash for creating an awesome show. Thank you VGA crew for being MLG. And thank you VGA community for being the best damn fans in the world.

So it finally dawned on me that this has been a long time coming :D


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